$100 per bet wheel spin on Reels and Wheels

Could you please explain how 1. Large bets never win… ever.
2. I hit the wheel bonus on reels and wheels with a $100 bet. That lead to me landing on the Jackpot when I spun the bonus wheel. I was pumped up man because after thousands of dollars I’ve never landed on Jackpot. Then the Jackpot wheel came and I won the Mini $13.00 Jackpot. WTF is that? I would’ve been better off hitting x2 on 1st wheel.
Guess what. I hit the bonus wheel again 2 spins later. Again on $100 bet. Spin the bonus wheel. And to my horror I hit the Jackpot. Of course I hit the Mini bonus $11.00. So hitting the Jackpot twice on $100 bets my reward was losing $176. This is of course during my little experiment on how the $50 and up bets never win… ever. This is proof in my mind there’s is something very corrupt with high dollar bets. I had 15 straight $50 bets loose on 777. I just kept going just to see how much it would take before a win. It took all my money and never won a thing. I have 1 more question for anyone who reads this. Has any of you hit a Jackpot on slot


lol lol…if you spin 50 to 100…almost everytime you get the bonus wheel you will hit the jackpot wheel…and win $10…where as if you didnt hit jp wheel, you would win way more…i know exactly what your talking about.

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Its interesting, ive read numerous players say how the jackpot wheel hits much more frequently on the larger bets like $100+ on Wheels.

I play on smaller bets $2-$6 usually and never seen a jackpot bonus spin lol.


It does amigo. When i use to have a lot of money i tested this theory out. On the original wheels and reels, i played $50/spin for awhile and almost always got jackpot wheel. Its actually a bad thing. If i didnt hit the jackpot wheel, the lowest spin on the wheel is 5x so at worse , i was guaranteed $250…when you keep getting the jackpot wheel, unless you hit vegas or major, you keep winning like $20 on that mini and minor. So your losing a lot of money.


hey buddy hope all is well.

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oh snap! that’s just plain dirty right? feels like a very dirty thing to me. omg sorry to hear but i have to agree. and it’s frustrating wow

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Thanks for sharing. I experienced the same thing the other day but the slot was on fire. I must have hit 30 wheels on $100/bet and I got the Jackpot wheel 10 of those times. Out of those 10 times I actually hit the mega for $20K. I just wanted to share b/c I thought it was rigged. Def. plays a factor for high bets on the wheel but it is possible to hit.

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Yes on many of the games the payouts have become terrible they have become a totally different casino rater greedy I think they should be audited or something.

Ive won $2000 on a $50 spin on gus…

I have actually won jackpots dozens (yes dozens) of times on $2 and $5 bets. The most JPs I’ve won were with $5 bets. I’ve played around with $10 and $20 but still, the $5 bet has won the most for me personally. Oh, and I’m referring to majors.