72 hours and absolutely not one minute less

Is there anyway to get our withdrawals pushed through a bit faster? CC is my fave but waiting 3 days for a withdrawal when others are 24-48 and less, is frustrating. If the marketplace had action, I’d have my $ by now so hopefully that gets traction.


I know im goin thru the same thing. Im a little over 48 hours in to my 72 hour wait. Even asked one of the live chat representitives if there was any way the process could be speeded up a little bit.

I Agree, I dont understand why it takes 24 to 48 hours longer at Cafe vs. other online casinos. Ive had other casinos pay me out within the first hour of requesting the payout via bitcoin. Its almost been 72hrs since Ive made the withdraw request with no word from them about it. As good as I believe Cafe casino to be, you think they would try to be more efficient with withdraw requests. Can anyone tell me if Cafe processes withdraws on the weekends? Stay Safe and GL!!!

@jts852087 Yes, withdrawals are processed throughout the weekend as well.

Ty for the info…

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The answer is simple, most of us gamblers will keep on reducing the withdraw and keep on playing till there is nothing to wait for. Play what you can afford to loose and if you win 72 hours will go by much faster.


I agree as the 72 hour waiting period in this day and age for bitcoin is ridiculous. I wind up reducing it or losing it all. It is totally a tactic used because it is effective for the casino to lose less money. It is total bullshit…

Do customer service reps from Cafe Casinos actually reply to these thread…I mean this casino is the SLOWEST with bitcoin withdrawals and it needs to change.

Yes we do reply.

We’re aware of people’s thoughts on the matter, and it’s something that’s actively being worked on.

Recently we introduced a Player Transfer option that can be used to sell funds to other players. In most cases, these transfers are processed much quicker.

Im going on my 4th day and noone can twll me anything. Ive cashed out numerous times before, with no issues. In fact, 24 hours was the longest ive had to wait the last few time ive won. 4 days ago, however, all of a sudden i get an email asking me to send in my id plus a pic holding my id for security purposes and since i have gotten jo straight answers and have not seen any indication that anyone cares that ive chatted with and its absolutely frustrating

Hi @Essential,

I will send you a PM now.

Im not sure, besides releasing my winnings of which have dwindled, what youll be able to do. No one has been forthcoming or done anything that indicates i will receive what ive won. Never have i had this issue in over 2 years and so much money put into, not once. And ive won a few times with no.problem getting what i won. I just dont understand

@Essential We sent you a personal message for more information to help you

I replied to the pm and no response. Ive called and spoke to someone about my issue and was put on hold and then hung up on. This is extremely worrisome and leaning towards a very skeptic conclusion that im SOL. I want to believe so bad that im wrong and this will be made right but im starting to wonder now. I just dont understand

@Essential we responded to your PM but we haven’t gotten reply from you

My experience here has been a little different. I’ve only had 1 withdrawal but the time it took was maybe 1 hour to get the funds sent to me?