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They just gave me a apprication bonus of. 50% match bonus, are you kidding me? Thanks but no thanks, way too pat yourselfs on the back for that, that’s telling me I’m not appriciated at all, you can’t even give comp points,( which there’s nothing to spend them on, except cash them out which of course has a wager) so there not *free, if you appriciated me, just give me the 25 spins and points I’ve earned this week, which I have not received, either, so I don’t have to continually keep having get ahold of staff for shit I’ve earned, to me. It looks like you guys are shitty on loyal customers, in hopes you can squeeze by without giving them what they earned, then hide behind t&c bs like other crooked casinos do… Just do the right thing is all I ask… That’s it