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I have a question about one thing and I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this. It used to be that periodically I could request from the marketing team to have a small amount of free play place in my account just to have something to goof off with in between deposits. For the last I would say 2 months at least every time I’ve asked I’ve been turned down even though I still continue to make deposits. I have to wait oftentimes for hours to be connected on chat just to be told no. I feel as though my business is not appreciated anymore. I know with the playthrough requirements it was almost impossible to actually get anything that you could cash out from this free play but it was a nice little perk that made me feel appreciated. And it would seem like it isn’t really costing the site owners anything because they know that the odds are greatly against you actually getting anything out of the funds other than some time playing on the site. I’m just curious what happened that they would stop giving this little perk. It was one thing I really liked about this site. I really enjoyed playing here but I’m beginning to feel underappreciated. This may not have been the right place to post this but I’m just curious if it’s me or if it’s happening to everybody.

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I have been turned down too. I cashed out with 3,000 and my total winnings where close to 10,000, however I played the rest in play. I asked for free play and they said no, because I cashed out 3,000. Wow…then today and yesterday I have given them well over 2k and no wins or bonus rounds. I’m starting to think of you cash out from a win, they make it to where you can’t win until you deposit back what they’ve given you.


100 percent agree to this.

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