Concerns with the Daily Giveaway Drawings

Im noticing some false advertisement. Notice Randy D as last winner and going back to my messages and research he won on July 7th. We are now in August 21st…and I have yet to see daily winners etc for the deposit BTC drawings you are advertising all day every day. Not ok…


That’s true. I was told by someone that Randy D has won consecutive weeks or multiple times and what are the odds of that happening? Doesn’t sound like a random drawing based on the winners listed.
Let’s say there’s a 1:1,000,000 chance of winning. Are we saying Randy D multiple times beating the odds of a million people multiple times?
Who is this Randy D? Even if this guy deposited say 20 times a day, he’s still only slightly improving his chances of winning the drawing, and by slightly I’m talking way less than 1%.

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Hi @kman0207 and @Bradylauren39 we will get more information about this and circle back tomorrow for transparency. There are a couple of reasons why the same name has shown up twice. Perhaps two different people with the same first name and last initial won, or that player did indeed win twice. We will let you know!

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I’ve made so many deposits across multiple sites…… I’m convinced this drawing is fake. Let me know if a forum member has actually won please.

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I’m sure they have their reasons. Or it Could be a glitch. Or it’s just the way things are worded. we’re just understanding it incorrectly. because I have seen on my personal account. Every time I log in, it says next drawing in one hour. and it says that almost every time I log on… So If I’m understanding what I’m saying correctly do you have a drawing every few hours. Why wouldn’t there be more winners then? Is what I asked myself. I think it’s an digital illusion we’re seeing. I don’t think they’re necessarily making anything unfair. I think it’s just being overthought about. We spent a lot of money here why would they fuck with us? Conspiracies are just conspiracies. Play to much wasted time and effort or something that isn’t real. Not to say that they wouldn’t do that to people I don’t trust for a minute sites. But they have earned my trust here so just saying

I’ve put in well over ALOT lol and I’m very surprised I haven’t been chosen. I’m not saying I should etc. I’m just shocked. I put in thousands upon thousands in a week….and I guess it’s not to say I should have won but it DID SPARK my ATTENTION to the drawing as it states how many entries you have per deposit…if you deposit 5k or more and you get 10 entries per over $100.00 submitted you should have a fair chance. But it is a drawing so I get it BUT yes you get notified when the drawing occurs just like the clock count down on the site. But when the drawing happens there should be a winner announced in my opinion. Instead we see nothing updated and no called winner every time the count down ends and it’s been the same name for weeks lol and I’m just saying it’s kinda messed up and not fair I’m not saying I don’t trust them I’m just speaking up because when I put in thousands and thousands and I see the page being the same as I did on July 9-July 23rd it’s not really trusting is it! I don’t think there’s an illusion more so a “Marketing Ploy” it’s business 101. I am a marketing director so I’m not stupid. Haha. They need to make this right to us. Or to me before I start digging deeper myself. It’s also funny I get notified about notifications and they don’t even show up and then the same drawing info on recent winners are the same and have been for a month or so and I have seen no daily update yet they claim for a “daily winner”

If they can’t accommodate they don’t need to do it. Because it’s nothing more than a marketing ploy so wile deposit more. And that’s wrong. Either stand by your word and advertisement or don’t do it because trust is 1,000% the basis of a community like this. Period. So I want answers as to why every time a drawing is done why the system isn’t notifying us on who won? Yet we get no updates and counting down time clock of entry’s and drawing times and nothing to show for it and now the credibility and trust is gone on this so called “daily giveaway” again key word daily give away and I haven’t heard one person chime in whose actually won …so we are either losers or we have just unveiled some major lies cause how is it truly possible a daily giveaway and the same names on the “recent winner” and no actual update is done? But the clock still ticks? Makes 0 sense

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Also as you can see in my screen shot - this was yesterday Eastern standard tone and it says “drawing in 13 min” so have you seen it updated??? Cause IT STILL SAYS RANDY D and has had the same winners listed for a month?? And I just screen shorted again just now to prove this meaning yesterday it said drawing in 13 min and here today 2:08pm EST and it is still not updated but yet there should have been a drawing….?

We can assure you that this is 100% a legitimate giveaway and the winners are being provided their funds. The issue here is with updating the page and not whether or not winners are actually being given the $1000. Again, in regards to a person being named twice while we’re looking into confirming this it’s likely that either someone with the same first name and letter of their second name won or that it may have been the same person twice as lucky as that would have been.

This is not false advertising and while we understand wanting some clarity here, there isn’t anything that you’ve shown that proves any different as it’s all subjective. Again, we are looking into providing some clearer information going forward especially in regards to the names you’ve shown.

Lastly, the page does seem to be updated on my end at the moment as it is showing a different winners list and a different announced winner.

We’ve now had the marketing team in charge of the giveaway respond to us and will be providing a list below. We will also be updating the page each week so the players can look out for it next week Monday "

Date Player Name Community Member
6/21/2021 Dianna T No
6/22/2021 Colton W No
6/23/2021 Gina A No
6/24/2021 Ralph b No
6/25/2021 Le T No
6/26/2021 Trishaun R No
6/27/2021 Randy D No
6/28/2021 Leonard R No
6/29/2021 Kimberly K No
6/30/2021 Jonathan A No
7/1/2021 Ladarius P No
7/2/2021 Cassie W No
7/3/2021 Nikitta J No
7/4/2021 Joseph C No
7/5/2021 Anthony W No
7/6/2021 Kevin Y No
7/7/2021 Ricardo M No
7/8/2021 Amber C Yes
7/9/2021 Brian K Yes
7/10/2021 Steven B Yes
7/11/2021 Tom C No
7/12/2021 Sean F No
7/13/2021 Lisa H No
7/14/2021 Dave M No
7/15/2021 George D No
7/16/2021 Michele G No
7/17/2021 Mark F No
7/18/2021 Michael S No
7/19/2021 William p No
7/20/2021 Brian S No
7/21/2021 Nathan B No
7/22/2021 Danny D No
7/23/2021 Amanda M No
7/24/2021 Jeff B No
7/25/2021 Ricardo I No
7/26/2021 Herman r Yes
7/27/2021 Richard l No
7/28/2021 Page O No
7/29/2021 Gloria O Yes
7/30/2021 Skyler K No
7/31/2021 Ha K No
8/1/2021 Stephanie W No
8/2/2021 Sunita B Yes
8/3/2021 Azra J No
8/4/2021 Shawn r No
8/5/2021 Tiffany S Yes
8/6/2021 Jennifer C No
8/7/2021 Nerious C No
8/8/2021 Sally H No
8/9/2021 Cathe G No
8/10/2021 Concettina L No
8/11/2021 Vicci B No
8/12/2021 Nick D No
8/13/2021 Kaci L Yes
8/14/2021 Player Contacted N/A
8/15/2021 Amanda M Yes
8/16/2021 Miriam B No
8/17/2021 Marley k No
8/18/2021 Angela Kay L No
8/19/2021 Jj W No
8/20/2021 Cindy C No
8/21/2021 William C Yes
8/22/2021 Connie U No

A few things of note, as you’ll see August 14th shows the player not contacted yet as we do need to first get in touch with the winners prior to posting them. This is also sometimes why there have sometimes been delays with the posting. Further, notice that Randy D. did not in fact win twice, but this was as stated more an issue with the actual delay or errors with the posting of the winners. There is another name on the list twice in Amanda M., but we can confirm these are different players. Last, as you can see there are actually community members that have won this giveaway, but we of course cannot give their usernames or connect to them to the names on this list without their approval for privacy reasons. Hopefully they can confirm on their end if willing.

We will be posting them here now in order to provide more clarity going forward as stated and apologize if this wasn’t as transparent as necessary originally.


This makes me feel so much better! Thank you very much, Phillip for clarifying this. That’s all we wanted. Thank you again!! Makes me feel very secure and you have gained my trust. I appreciate this wholeheartedly!


I’m Billie C. Somebody let me know if my name pops up. I don’t receive any emails about entries or anything really. @moderators could yall let me know how much money I need to pay back before I start receiving the point drops

I see that william c. I wonder if that’s suppose to be me. I’m female but a girl can dream. My dad is William c

@4whocares Any name that is up there was likely already contacted.

In regards to your cashback can you please provide when the last time you actually received it was? If wanting it to be private you can PM us HERE.

Cashback? It’s been years since I’ve received cashback. I thought you guys got rid of cashback

And I was joking about the William. My name is billie so the CS often calls me sir

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Apologies, I misread the comment you had posted and believed you had asked about cashback not the random point drops. Note that these are added at random and we’re unable to provide any details as to when you would receive them unfortunately.

I really like their transparency…WTG Cafe :smile:

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I won promotion once it was probably about a year ago and it was for referring someone I think they gave me an extra $100 and listed my name on the website for like a week er something