Concerns with the Daily Giveaway Drawings

These two “bonus” prizes is you can call them that are really not that and Im just here to call you guys on it. So if its real what was any latest prize for me using the mystery bonus deposit or using specific crypto. Cause both seem rigged if you ask me and everyone else not in the winners club. I mean you pick the same winner twice Sure you do wink wink

We can assure you that these drawings are legitimate as you can see above. Can we ask where you’re seeing that the same person won twice or what leads you to believe that these are rigged?

Then tell me this why is the countdown going down every 2 hours if only 1 winner is selected a day. That s pretty misleading like a new winner should be picked at the end of each countdown. What’s that countdown even for?? Why does it go to 0 several times a day if only 1 winner is made a day???

The clock doesn’t count down every 2 hours. In fact at the moment it’s simply showing at 0:00. Ultimately the rules on the actual page are what is followed.

  • The Promotional Day runs from Midnight to 11:59 PM, EST each day.
  • It consists of a daily prize draw, where the winning customer will receive $1,000.
    • Customers gain one entry into the next available prize draw, each time they make a successful deposit of a minimum of $20 during the Promotional Day; or
    • Customers gain 10 entries into the next available prize draw each time they make a successful deposit of a minimum of $20 with the promoted crypto currency for that day;
    • Customers gain 5 entries for every successful referral during the Promotional Day.

In other words there is 1 draw per day, and the entries run from Midnight to 11:59p ET.

I’m sorry bro there is a countdown going on right now at 1 hour 30 min. I see this several times a day and that’s just facts bro and misleading cause I have deposited several times at the end of it thinking I will win only to be goose we egged every time. I need you to come with facts bro. The game seems rigged and misleading. that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it. It’s just what I see with the count down happening several times a day with only one drawing per day. Again this is a fact. If you need evidence I will provide you with facts.

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1 hour 16min 42 seconds??? What is this count down for? What happens at the end of it? Is there a winner?

These are all valid questions and it’s not midnight

The promotional day runs to midnight but that doesn’t mean thats when the draw is. The draw can take place at anytime during that time.

We’ll collect your questions and come back once we have this verified.

Just to come back and update the thread; we have stopped any running timer as we continue to investigate this.

Praying for my day to win too

Are there any updates on this?

Not as of yet, we’ll update the thread when we have any details. Though again, this doesn’t change when the the draw is done or the results.

I was one of the first people to complain about this because it doesn’t add up. I have deposited thousands of dollars. I kept seeing this timer and giveaway and I just have to wonder how much money we have all put in thinking we would get this giveaway…as the timer did run every hour or so to then be marketed as “the next draw is in xx hour and x min” everyday all day. How much money we legit put in to have a chance and feeling robbed from the truth of the chance, here. It’s just messed up. We all deserve a fair bonus compensation for this because the fact of the matter is - if I was one of the first to complain about this and how a few others are coming forward…that means we are all committed and loyal members of this casino, otherwise we probably wouldn’t have noticed so another question to answer is ……is this how you treat your loyal members who invest a lot of money and play continuously for your company? It’s not cool and it has taken not just one complaint (mine) but now that more people are catching on …now it’s good enough for an “investigation” into the matter…which proves a little sketchy and to be honest shows character in how much your members mean to you. Because, this should have been investigated when I placed the issue and went public about it months ago. We deserve all a $1,000 cash bonus in my opinion. Every member who has brought this to your attention because in my opinion that’s nothing to how much I’ve put in during the timer runs. So yeah that’s my opinion let’s see if y’all care enough about us to grant us this………I’ll hold my breath.

It’s unlikely that any compensation is going to be provided for this. Again, the rules are clearly advised in the website page and are being adhered to. Further, there is no ‘investigation’ going on. Michael simply advised that he was going to verify the details of when the draw is and what timer the clock was running down.

Ultimately as stated above these are the relevant details to consider:

We do understand any confusion or want for clarifying certain aspects of the draw, but the draw is still being run as stated and players are being given daily prize draws. When exactly the draw happens can hopefully be clarified, and we will do so when confirmed.

This suggests multiple. It says “Prize Draws” other wise what was the timer for? You all cannot explain the timer going every hour or so and it would state “next draw in xxx hour and min” all day every day. You are throwing rules in my face but you all didn’t even abide to your own rules but you wanted to make more money off of us so you had a timer for “marketing” purposes apparently.

Phillip, I’m sorry but this isn’t okay and deep down you know that you are just covering yourself because there is a list of rules but in reality the rules were not well executed nor were they fair to us and despite how you might think all of us are wrong we aren’t….and you know that. The rules were again not well executed and they were very very misleading. As you can even see above it says “draws” and then you all marketed the re-charge hour which is what the timer was for im guessing….the recharge hour where the winner would win $1,000 that hour only!!! So this is in the RECHARGE hour therefore you should be doing your one drawing and then the timer suggests the RECHARGE HOUR MEANING YOU WOULD BE DRAWING EVERY HOUR AS IT IS MARKETED AS THE RECHARGE HOUR stating “


We’re running special RECHARGE giveaways, with an extra $1K going to one lucky depositor THAT HOUR ONLY. These will give you the BEST odds of winning, so watch for RECHARGE announcements in your inbox and by SMS and don’t miss a single one!“

So yes I think we do deserve bonuses and I think we all deserve $1,000 Bonus. Because you are wrong and you all have messed up. Take responsibility thanks.


All respect,


Unfortunately I don’t agree with you here.

The word is simply plural to denote that there are multiple draws over the span of the promotion. Further, as you just screenshotted yourself, there are also recharge hour draws for those who receive the relevant emails or messages. This actually proves the wording of the promotion isn’t incorrect as there are 2 draws a day.

However, this also doesn’t change anything related to the actual rules of the promotion or whether there will be a winner daily for the draw, and daily for the recharge hour. The recharge hour also clearly states that it is only for those who received the appropriate messaging, so again, the clock wouldn’t factor into this at all.

This is also incorrect. The wording states that the recharge hour is an hour at random essentially. This isn’t an every hour draw, but one hour at random for those that receive the message or email.

If you say so…playing devils advocate. No announcements have been given regularly. Not about this and the timer? What would it take for you to claim responsibility of a poorly executed plan….sadly you won’t. Just wow. Not sure if I even wanna be part of this anymore. This isn’t at all good service and instead of listening and maybe seeing it from a players perspective from the people who make you money and the company …you are turning an eye and dismissing us. Smh. Sad.

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