Concerns with the Daily Giveaway Drawings

I don’t believe or trust anything you say, no need to respond. Your intent and response answers the truth to this company and how you all see us. Maybe see it from our view… but that won’t happen. Thanks.

Truth is in action you’ve been very clear.

We are not dismissing anything. This is exactly why Michael escalated this and we are going to clarify details. We do understand that the clock timer seemed to be a bit off and are looking into exactly what it was counting down. However, this wasn’t necessarily related to the recharge hour, and again the actual details provided in the page are being followed. The only real issue here is when the draw is actually done, and what the clock timer was running down. The recharge hour and daily draws are still happening as intended and entries are being counted correctly.

Everything you say just proves how poorly this was all executed and yet you still fail to actually take full responsibility and make us feel we even matter. Everything you say isn’t to make us feel better about such unprofessional and poorly executed giveaways …it doesn’t make us feel that we weren’t robbed or even misled you haven’t even considered to comp us and keep our loyalty it’s been very one side minded and protection of you and the casino rather than even seeing us as the people who invest in you and help you have a place to work. You are dismissing the meaning of what a loyal member gives and should receive.

I’m done - I’m disappointed and honestly disgusted bye

We are sorry that you feel this way, but would have to disagree that anyone here has been robbed since again all entries and prize draws have still been received and rewarded as promised on the thread.

First and foremost, as we have not yet received any details regarding what the clock timer was counting down yet, we’re unsure if this was even an error as of yet. If this is deemed to be the case the team in charge of the promotion will advise us.

We will have clarifying details when confirmed as stated above regarding the clock and when the draws occur (Though again the draw takes into account the previous days entries from 12-11:59 and when it actually occurs won’t change the winner or entries received). Again we would advise everyone that ultimately the rules presented on the page are what should be followed going forward and will have updates on the clock when available.

I’m sorry we all feel this way too. It’s sad we all have these feelings about this and your team doesn’t recognize it. Thanks….

So I asked last week which crypto was the one with the 10x drawings entries because it’s said Litcoin on the banner but I got a message that said it was Euretheum. I sent proof but the wrong message it was the week before. It was actually a notification that I got in my message inbox, when I went back to screen shot the notification all of my notifications had disappeared… Hum…

We have no way of deleting messages that are within your Cafe inbox, and any inbox message would also be attached to an email that we obviously have no way of deleting once sent. The email you had shown was from the previous week which did match up with when Ethereum was the bonus crypto.

I didn’t delete them, you tell me how they got deleted.

As Philip said we don’t’ have the facility to delete these messages.

Ok so where did they go?

Well I really can’t answer that, but we certainly didn’t delete them as we can’t.

And I’m saying that it was a huge coincidence…

I’ve never received any cash back

How do I get it

Welcome to the forum @Glb204811 cashback is only available for certain players who have opted in the the crypto exclusive programme which you can read more about here.

I’ve been playing for awhile, pretty sure I’ve never recieved a recharge hour message, or anything even related… what’s the odds look like on even getting that message? I find it hard to believe, the hours I’ve put in here, that I’ve never made a recharge hour?

Unfortunately your account wouldn’t be eligible for cashback

what’s this daily giveaway drawings and how can i be a part of it if it’s even possible.

This was an ongoing promotion from 2021

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