Feedback to reduce chat time

One of the most frustrating things is using the chat option to reach customer service. In my opinion it is a very inefficient process and so time consuming. On many occasions I have spent over an hour on chat just to ask simple questions.

I am curious to know how many chats each agent is engaged in at any given moment.

Anyways here are some of my ideas. Feel free to share yours…

1.) Prior to chat there should be option to verify pin/ date of birth to eliminate several minutes

2.) Avoiding questions such as “how’s your weekend?” “Do you enjoy skiing?” “”What’s your favorite food?”

3.) Agents should be provided with all available promotions/ programs info on a daily basis. On many occasions agents seem to not have any knowledge of advertisements or particular programs so the customer has to end up explaining it/ sending screenshots etc.

4.) Maybe experimenting with a microphone option to send voice messages to reduce typing time.

5.) Making previous chat history available to customer so that it can be referenced such as the name of agent spoken to or to take screenshot of messages to send to new agent

6.) Placing a warning message to customer service agents screen if customer has been waiting for more than 3-4 minutes. It would force them to interact sooner

7.) Show the customer the peak times for chat. Some customers may not have an urgent issue and will wait until slower chat times. This would allow more urgent issues to be addressed sooner

8.) Add audio notification to chat box when message is received so customer replies faster


Thank you for the suggestions!

Thanks for reading Walter!

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