Free Contest $30

Hello everyone!

Long awaited free contest is here!

This week we’d like to know what is your favorite Hot Drop Jackpot game and why. Comment on this topic with your answer and this will give you an entry into this weeks contest. We will allow entries until 12:00a ET on Sunday, August 21st in which at that time a random name will be drawn at and win a $30 bonus.

Rules will be as follows:

  1. Only one entry will be accepted per player weekly.
  2. To receive a bonus, winning accounts must have made at least one deposit.
  3. Bonuses will be issued at the time of the draw.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from everyone.


not a huge fan myself, however, if I had to choose one, I would pick Cleo because I enjoy the non-hot drop version

I like Cleo. Smaller bets can hit pretty well. If I happen to have big balance, the newest HDJ is cool. But never get any good hits below $2 bet.

Cleo because that’s my favorite game in general.

i like the buffalo only because for some reason it’s the only way i get the free spin bonus. in regular game mode i hardly hit the free spins. in hot drop jackpot it comes out more often. however, i don’t ever get to win the freaking jackpot. grrrrrr :triumph:. but buffalo for sure !

It would have to b cleo i like the gamble your winning feature on it

777 probably. not a fan of cleo

My favorite hot drop game would have to be 777 because if you get into the bonus, you know your going to win pretty big!!!

I tjink id have to go with 777 because of the bonous if get hit it

Golden Buffalo because the payouts can be huge on bonus rounds

Would say 777 or Buffalo , no reason in particular. :shamrock:

Definitely Golden Buffalo. Too many extremely long dry spells with 777 and I never seem to win big on Cleo. Buffalo gives me wins fairly frequently and the bonus spins can get pretty exciting

Reels of Fortune! I’ve had the best luck on that one, though have yet to hit a hot drop!

Reels and Wheels most definitely. Tge bonus reel comes around more often than other games and if wagering bet is minimum, you still get some pretty decent points. I sure like to hit a hot drop soon.

777 was addicted now that it have even more of a opportunity to win is just great

I like Reels of Fortune, I almost always hit at least one bonus

Cleo because the free spins can get big

I love CLEO!:heart_eyes:

Probably cleo then 777 I hate buffalo it takes and takes never gives back much.