Halloween Competition 2022

Happy Spooky Season!

Halloween, the holiday which might be associated with the sweetest and the most memorable times of our lives, shared with our families and friends. Let’s celebrate it together!

Share your best memories, something that you will remember and cherish forever. Let us know what made this holiday special for you or your children.

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We are looking forward to hearing your stories, do not hesitate to share the most crazy ones :jack_o_lantern:


Year after year my daughter and I choose to wear costumes that go together. We’ve been Mal/Hades, Moana/king tui, zombie bride/father of the zombie bride etc. Those are definitely core memories that will last an eternity.


This is one of my favorite holidays because we have pumpkin carving contests every year with the kids. Always a great time.


I absolutely love Halloween I can remember as a kid we used to literally run through the neighborhood getting candy. We would come home and dump our bags and change costumes and go back out to Fillmore bags. This is back in the late 60s and early 70s. Literally by the end of the night we would have a half a dozen plastic excuse me paper grocery bags completely filled with candy. Then the next day we would go to school and bring this is the part that I’m not real proud of but the ones that we didn’t like to school to trade with other kids to get the ones we did like. I can remember back then it wasn’t just little dinky pieces of candy it was full size candy bars. My brother and I had a great time. It was a good bonding moment with him. I tried to pass this tradition down to my child and her children. Unfortunately trick-or-treating is not what it used to be but Halloween can still be a fun time.


Halloween…boy when I was a kid we were at the skate deck every weekend and any holiday they were open. God I miss those days. No cell phones, arcade games, girls, terrible food, falling on your face in front of everyone. If I could relive one weekend like it was I could die a happy man the next day. So much has changed. Kids these days have it easy, but they will never understand a life without technology. I miss simple. Halloween was that, go get your candy, toss the homemade popcorn balls and anything not in a wrapper, TP a few trees, throw mushy pumpkin at each other, trade or take candy from your brother when they fall asleep finally from too much sugar, and don’t forget the big ass pillow case for all the candy. Oh and sometimes double or triple dip the same neighborhood if they have good candy. That is what Halloween means to me. Now as an older man, I honestly can’t say I get even 1% of the enjoyment I had as a kid. Maybe one day that will change. I hope everyone stays safe and has an awesome Halloween!!!


I know its not the sweetest memory but it will always hold a place in my heart. 6 years ago i got to spend my Halloween seeing my grandma pass away. Dont get me wrong it was very sad but the family talked about the good times and helped me remember things better and brought our family closer.

Halloween was when we would sacrifice all the late candy stragglers we picked up in every neighborhood. It helps keep the popcorn balls and apples at bay next Halloween. We would sometimes barter them off for safe passage too by tossing them to any roaming packs of wild dogs that strayed too close. Screamers work best as a distraction and obviously that implies to keep one on hand for the safety of the group. You’ll thank me later for that tidbit of information. Well, I gotta go, a school bus full of children can’t possibly drive itself around!!! Maybe with enough children…it might.

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My favorite memories will always be when it was common place and safe to take the children trick or treating. The entire neighborhood would participate and it brought people together. Seeing the awesome costumes and watching the kids interact or trading candy with others. It seems in today’s society less people trick or treat and it’s only in designated areas.

My favorite holiday Becuase everyone in the neighbor interacts with each other

Trick or treating evry year with my kids, neice and nephew. Making memories every year and watching them grow! Those are the best memories.

We have a huge werewolf in our neighborhood. My little one was just 3 years old when we took him. We were worried that this werewolf would be too scary for him. When he saw it his eyes got really wide and we figured he would retreat but he ran up to it and hugged his legs tightly…

Halloween has always been one of my favorite days! I love being able to let my creative side out (especially since my job is so conservative) with costumes. My grandmother always handmade our costumes growing up, so I have tried to keep the tradition for my kids. No store bought costumes here! Now that they are teenagers, and don’t dress up, I miss planning and creating, but we do all kinds of other fun Fall activities as a family!

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Hi guys!

I hope you all had very spooky and scary Halloween!

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