Lost my crypto exclusive bonuses

Any body else lost their crypto exclusive bonus deposit perks? I always got free points and spins and out of the blue they took those away and said i got bonus wheel…well after months of trying to get them to work they send me a bullshit email saying i dont qualify for the bonus wheel…wtf kinda scam is this. I made all weekly deposits and recieved nothing for them…after tons of chat and emails and moderator chat this is the best they can do…omg

There has been a recent change in the program and you right now will have access to the wheel prize as part of the program. Once you
deposit $30 and the wheel will be available every day for that week.

Been depositing over 30.00 for 3mo and all i got was error codes

Justed tryed it still doesn’t work red error codes you guys said you where going to escalate many times and now im back to bullshit scam

@supersport35 kindly refer to the account message sent to you on 06/16.

So i joined the crypto exclusive rewards and now im not eligible because you cant fix it…this is total bullshit since i made all the qualifying deposits like the program states…this is fraud i payed for a program

So i dont have crypto exclusive only rewards anymore…just like that it gone.