May Free Giveaway Time

Campouts, bon fires, sleeping with the windows open…

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I am looking forward to getting a tan and going to the beach. I can’t wait for longer days instead of it getting dark at 6 pm. I’m really looking forward to this

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My family comes to visit me in the summer since they’re in New York and I’m in Florida . :slight_smile: my mom is a teacher so she comes for the summer to visit


I’m looking forward to a beautiful day and evening tomorrow night when I throw my daughters big birthday bash. We’re doing a huge bouncy house, glow games, glow in the dark dancing and glow face paint. I hope she has a blast and it’s a party to remember!

Thankfully the weather will be sunny and beautiful, where I live it’s a toss if we’ll have a tornado any day in May.

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Time with family

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Can’t wait to see who the winners are

Looking forward to my baby girls first birthday! :partying_face:

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Looking forward to my high school reunion!

On this great Friday; our 3 lucky winners going into the weekend are @Ducky1928 @PiratePowell and @jewell36


Felicidades a los ganadores! :partying_face::partying_face:

YESSSS!! That’s amazing!!

Thank you! Weekend here is come!

Got here too late! :frownin

Just in case🤞… Good luck All, and thank you Cafe Casino

Looking forward to the warm weather!!

Looking forward to sipping on margaritas and winning on Goblins Gold And Reels and Wheels.