Most wanted bachelor!

We hope everyone has been able to check out our current A Night with Cleo tournament going on.

We’re giving out 275 prizes; totaling a value of $5,000.

Full details on the tournament can be found here and if you have any questions, feel free to let us know.


How do you know where you stand in the leaderboard?

We will check this and update a little later.

The leaderboard was available in real time while the promotion was ongoing. Since the promotion ended March 6th however, the page to the up to the minute leaderboard is no longer up.

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Guess I never saw the link while it was running. I imagine only people who won anything are going to be notified?

Correct, they will be notified and we will likely eventually post the winners here as well once we have them.

I never saw it either and I put in a decent amount. To be on the board and I wasn’t. Sure makes you wonder why it’s still not posted right?

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