Mysterious bonus codes?!

So… I’ve played at this site for awhile and ignition and bovada for years… here’s what I wanna know … after all this time and all this money… I have never recieved a “bonus code” … so why is it even an option ?! If I get any kind of bonus it just appears in my rewards… how do you get a bonus code?! I presented this question to a help representative and in typical fashion they kept saying… " it’s at the discretion of the promotions team" soooooooo I’m beginning to think this “promotions team” spends more time spending all that sweet cash I dump into this site rather than sending out promotions or bonus codes … I think they genuinely do not give out bonus codes … cus its definitely not based on deposits cus I’d have have bonus codes up the ass if that was the case. Make me a believer… send me a bonus code for God’s sake ! It makes me so mad when I see that as an option when as far as I can tell I will never have one lol


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We certainly understand your frustration at this issue. Ultimately you are correct that the majority of bonuses given out do tend to be automatically added to accounts at this point and bonus codes are generated less frequently. That being said, there are still instances where bonus codes are provided though they are discretionary. Either way, the bonuses provided to you are usually from the promotions team whether a code or in your rewards tab.

Lol I have never received a bonus code, been a member for 4 months and deposited over 20k in btc. Never recovered a penny yet. Level 8 and 3 million wagered, I doubt a bonus code will ever be offered. If so I would I had one offered

Yeah it’s a hoax!

I’ve been playing here a while and I’ve won and lost quite a bit. But after the third year off playing the site they randomly message me one day that I will not be receiving any more bonus’ because I’m on a “global skilled player “ list. How is this possible??? I’ve lost thousands more than won, and is this even a possibility with the “random number generator “ enforcing every spin is completely fair. Anyway I figured this isn’t worth fighting, as an unlicensed casino they don’t have to answer to any reputable commission. But just out of curiosity, has anyone ever experienced this issue before because I just don’t understand how being such a loyal but more importantly a big spending customer gets rewarded with unadulterated b.s

I’ll send you a PM to discuss this further.

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You should post your personal message here so we can all see the reason behind it. I’ve been playing for the last few years and I have noticed a huge change in the amount of bonuses they offer. I also noticed I don’t win as much anymore. I’ve reached out and they said everything is fine that I’ve received my weekly bonus. I honestly was thinking maybe covid is affecting it since also the economy is being affected by it as well. I’m a huge vegas person and I get way more perks there than I do here but covid has been standing in the way. I think it’s safe to say that we all are being ripped off. Which that comes with gambling but i recommended this site to so many people and they are all experiencing the same thing and now i feel responsible. Definitely a habit we should all shake but it’s so fun … i would last about 4 days with each amount I put in and now I literally last a little more than an hour if I’m lucky.


Agreed, it’s almost like they flag accounts or something, I’ve won a few times, couple grand, then all of a sudden, I havnt won anything worth cashing out in 7 months, it reminds me of cell phone companies throttling there customers data, it’s like this casino throttles our accounts… I withdrew something 3 months in a row, now it’s like, I’ve been put on the do not win list, $-7,000 roughly I’ve lost since my last withdraw… What’s f***** up… I’m treated worse now, then I was just starting here… Higher up the perks ladder you go, seems the worse your treated… Shouldn’t you be treated better? I’ve asked for cash back, free chip, free spins, anything… Something… Not $1 , instead they tell me my win/loss ratio isn’t in the houses favor, so basically stop asking, which I do not believe to be true… Whatever, I’m sure my account will be flag or something for posting a concern… Thank you

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I know they flag accounts. Another thing is I’ve never gotten a “free gift” dropped in my account. If you do win everything is taken away

Last time I checked I have deposited around 70k total. That was many moons ago and I know it’s closer to 90- 100 now. I’ve won a few times but nothing huge.

I got the same message, it’s a bunch of b.s. I also haven’t won shit for money and I use to win all the time. I musta been put on the blackmail list lol!

Did anyone receive and bonuses today (Thursday)???

@Slim1985 The Thursday bonus that drops into your account is referring to the mystery match reload bonus and this is available to claim for you now on your next deposit

I think you may be on to something. I use to win much more often at bov and ignition when they were licensed but now that they dont have a 3rd party the keno board seems much more difficult to win on…I just joined here so I will see I guess…Very interesting!


I just joined here…I see a mystery bonus, does it change weekly or something? Whats the mystery?

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It’s nice bonus match play but I deposited to much with it to be able to get through the play through requirements!! Lesson learned small deposits with the bonus! And yea it changes I believe, different match percentages so u never know

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yes, you always go small on a bonus…ecpecially if its redeemable more than 1 time…if you got 250% bonus and deposit $10 bitcoin you rolling over $35 x40…1400 rollover vs much bigger one with big deposit!

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I am Nicholas Steven Storniolo. This is what I have received from My Hard Work and Labors while others are given more. I am in aggreance* tho no agreement took place. Felt prior to showing wanted also my personal knowing included in case this is not something normally “allowed” to be posted. Please remove immediately if so and I am sorry even tho I did not see anything specified about what I am doing to be what is negatively affects me. In doing so, I take pride in my higher Status and will still choose to play even after the affects of following message take place.
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Feb 7, 2020

Our bonuses are for casual players to give them a better chance to win. That said, we’ve noticed that you’re on a global skilled player list and do not need the assistance of bonuses in order to win. Your Cafe Casino account will no longer be eligible for promotions and will not accrue reward points; however, we will continue to offer the same level of customer service and fast payouts that you’ve come to expect. Thank you for choosing Cafe Casino.

Other Casinos have been offering 300% to 400% matches on deposits with low (10x) playthrough requirements, why is this casino always 35-60x playthrough?

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This Casino has with myself a 100% payout (with dealing with bs I’m saying) upon withdraw request. Slight error with time frame but I am not complaining.