Mystery bonus coming soon?

Ive used the Bonus with the Mystery box 2 times last week and i thought i was allowed to use it 3x the 3rd time i didnt get 125% or the box when i asked for help from 2 different reps they were lost so whats up ? @moderators

@KADMAN44 Redeemable 3X per week however they do not carry over. So if only redeemed two in one week then the bonus is still removed and the new weekly one is made available

Sent you a Personal Message with the details @KADMAN44

Hello Michael a question for you because i deposited 2 times friday does that mean i have a mystery bonus coming thursday ?

Bonuses are sent out at the discretion of the marketing team, just keep your eye on your rewards section.

Its been months I haven’t receive any perk points in my account and no free spin or no exception and freebie customer service can offer for me once I get to hold of them. I’m just wondering what’s going on my account and I’m level 4 player why no non deposit and other available for as player??

@Raymondgo10 We will PM you.

Hi @Phillip
I am usually able to redeem the SL Crypto Exclusive deposit bonus 3 times for the 200% match bonus. This week, I redeemed it once and it hasn’t appeared since. I should be able to deposit with this bonus 2 more times as it has been 3X’s the past few months. Can you please see what happened to this bonus? Thank you.

I’ll have a look and send you a PM

Why aren’t there any chat people available?I’d there going to be a mystery bonus or not??

Not mystery bonus but inconvenience bonus for the outage earlier today

Welcome to the Community @SparkShark It seems like this was handled by CS and the outage Bonus was added accordingly.

@moderators I never received an outage bonus thought this would be standard for active accounts

Is this regarding the scheduled maintenance yesterday? Bonuses were not offered added for that

Uhhhh so it was only for some? See above

If contacted accounts can be reviewed on an individual basis but as the maintencae was scheduled; outage bonuses were not offered to everyone as we have in the past with longer, unscheduled outages

Seems like a can of worms to say only some people would be awarded an outage bonus even if have to directly contact CS given everyone was affected whether it was planned or not

The bonus would be more of an exception bonus based on an account review as opposed to an actual outage bonus

So then your other moderator was not factual with their statement regarding the outage bonus?

Correct, the term outage bonus is incorrect as we are not compensation for the outage based on it being scheduled and advertised.