Mystery bonus coming soon?

Thanks for clarifying and acknowledging their mistake as I’m sure I’m not the only one with that concern

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Easiest way to know if we get points due to system being down is when something breaks or normal maintenance goes way pass the time they estimated

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Or if you ask for it to customer service like the other user did above and confirmed by the moderator.
Nothing here is always or a for sure seems to be a lot of grey

Just chiming in to make sure the mystery bonus will be added today? :slight_smile: thank you.

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We’ll reach out to our team to make sure

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Thank you @Michael
I see they have been added in the rewards section. Can I nominate you as the mod of the year? Still kind of early but you got my vote :slight_smile:

@moderators Id also like to know where my mystery bonus is coming and bitcoin exclusive bonus and the last bonus i used

@KADMAN44 The Mystery bonus is found under your Available bonuses

No one ever got back to me why my mystery bonus never changes from week to week, it’s always the same

The percentage has changed from last week to this week. Last week was 145% I believe and this week is 110%

I made 2 deposits on the 15th Friday so my mystery bonuses should have been added yesterday being the first Thursday after i got nothing ?

It seems like the deposit was below the minimum, therefore, the Bonus wasn’t trigged by your deposit

What deposit todays ? @Lana

15th last friday both over 30$ @Lana

The mystery Bonus is added every Thursday. You made one deposit today, of less than $20, therefore, the Bonus was not added.

I understand that im asking why no mystery bonus for my deposits on the 14th @Lana

The earliest i could have collected this bonus was yesterday correct ? @Lana

I’ll send you a PM shortly.

Yeah I can’t hardly ever get any non deposit bonuses anymore either I used to deposit a lot more here but when I quit receiving any little free rewards points gifts no free spins and no free cash bonuses I don’t deposit near as much here anymore I really enjoyed those free gifts so I deposited here often but they quit giving g them for some reason

@Jallen011978 Those would be issued based on a deposit and withdrawal ratio. In the case where you’ve withdrawn more then you deposited since the last free gift, then you wouldn’t get another