Mystery Bonus (JUST SAY NO)

 I have only played here a few dozen times. I usually am a loyal Ignition Casino player (same owners). Yesterday I made a deposit of 200 and claimed the Mystery Bunus. That started me with ~430.00. 
 It was the most amazing slots runI had ever had. I Mean I could not lose, I tried another of games and I was hitting on every single game and I mean big wins. 100.00 to 2300.00 to 5800.00. I was having so much fun. I was like good bye Ignitiin and Hello Cafe. I had played for several hours, ~4+ hrs. I was up to - 7800.00. 
I decided I better make a withdraw be for I put it all back in. That when I saw that I had not met my wagering requirements.  I had to lose ~5000.00 more of my winnings to be able to withdraw. As soon as I met my wagering requirements, I mean the very minute I met it, I have not won anything over 50.00 and these are $5 to $10 bets. It is crazy to think that they say it 8a not rigged but that would be a crazy coincidence that my luck and my  wager requirments came up on deck at exactly the same time.  Hmmmm. I was born at night but not last night.

You are wrong 100% wrong. I made a deposit with a bonus yesterday , had a great run. Cashed out at 2500 once I met play through. I was left with 1200. Played again today won right away, then cashed out again at 2500 (won’t be deposited until Thursday) was left with 1400, played again, and just won 2500 so now I have a balance of 3500 with an additional 2500 pending withdrawal.

To be honest of the four sites cafe is the one that I win the most even after I meet playthrough and make a withdrawal. Although I haven’t made as many withdrawals here as I have at others, cafe is not to blame for that … it’s me getting greedy and careless about which games I’m playing and how much.

I can tell you from personal experience it’s not rigged . Making such a high deposit with 60x playthrough requirement is setting you up for failure. I would highly advise switching to Bitcoin as the weekly Btc bonus and exclusive bonus is worth it . Cafe has the highest Btc exclusive bonus. If you had the Btc exclusive bonus You could have only deposited $95 to get your $430 with a playthrough requirement of $15050 vs spending 200 and having a playthrough requirement of $25800 . That’s 10k more!!! Of course your luck is going to run out

Point is your loss is not cafes fault

Ps of course this is not always how playing goes for me , I’ve also lost a lot… but that’s what happens with gambling, go to Vegas and you will have the same experience


Just wanted to tell you that I had no money to deposit I had spent my budget for the week. I claimed a couple of small bonuses worth about $18. I have been proven wrong and now I am eating Crow comment just thought you should know. Have a great day


Meaning you won?? I hope so!

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Hech yeah. I had no money of my own. Just 18.00 from CC. Sitting at 2400.00 right now. You were right


Woohoo happy for you !!! Those are the best wins , when it comes from nothing. Now be smart and don’t blow it down the drain . Congrats!