Perk points in account

Why does it take so long for perk points to show up in account? Sometimes it’s days later

@Kayto1959 Which perk points are you referring to?

Just seems after playing it appears in account days later

@Kayto1959 Unless your playing with bonus funds in which you don’t accumulate points, any play with cash will accumulate your points right away and you should be able to track that on your transactions page and bonus page.

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Why don’t you become a accountant since you don’t get the point I’m making?

What’s with the attitude?

I apologize I was trying to explain when I played and lost with no perk points after a few days I would see that I had more to redeem in my account. That’s all came across angry and again I apologize.

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All good :slight_smile: I thought Michael answered your question just fine but I think I misunderstood it as well. Wonder if they just dropped some perk points into your account without notice? I’ve had this happen on Bovada. It’s not the usual ‘mystery gift’ drop but literally just a random points drop without notice.