Perk store is lacking

I feel like perks are never updated or replenished. You might as well not even have a tab for it…


Hey @yukdaduke, Thank you for your feedback. We are going to escalate this.


That is exactly how I feel! I commented on a different thread about a month ago how this is literally keeping me from playing on this site WAY MORE than I currently do. I can’t stand when people go on and on complaining on these sites but this is soooo legit I don’t understand why someone hasn’t lost their job over this. I’ve had two lousy items in my perk store for several months. I won’t mention the names of two other casinos that have this promo, but I will say I have almost twenty options to spend my points on each of them.

I love this site outside of this issue! And I’m serious. I had a bonus round freeze up on me for big money and somehow I restarted and it was just gone(poof) and it took three days and management and software people and I’m sure they could’ve said sorry for your loss but they didn’t give up til they restored it and my 4 digit win and stuff like that is rare but I hardly play here just cause of my “perkless store”! It didn’t work last time so I’ll ask again PLEASE PUT SOME MORE AND BETTER OFFERS IN OUR PERK STORES so I don’t have to spend all my money elsewhere! That’s it, thank you.

Another month and no changes. My perk store still has two very lousy offers and that’s it! I will never be able to wrap my head around this. This is not the industry standard, so I’ll just keep on doing my big spending elsewhere simply because no one seems to want to do anything about this. It’s odd that a site would put so much work into making money, yet do so little to correct something that’s obviously stopping a lot of people from spending a lot more money here! It just makes no sense.

Oh ya…I play Bovada, Ignition, Slots, and Cafe. Each casino gave me a nice reward this week except Cafe… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I like how you had the 40x rollover bonus in the perkstore than abruptly removed it…