PLEASE make this change

You definitely should adopt the voucher deposit withdrawal method that the other two places use. Especially now that you have the forum. It is by Far the best option accessible to players and it’s the main thing people use the forum for


Thank you @Kamurphy for our first feedback post.

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Curiosity struck me, why is it a better option for players? I’ve never used it before.


You can request a voucher as a withdrawal method and sell it to another player. Let’s say you get one for 50$ you post it for sale in the forum someone messages you to buy it you give them either your cash app/zelle/ PayPal info and as soon as the money gets your account (10 minutes maybe) you message them back the voucher code. Basically you bypass the 72hour processing time


No problem


Wow this is fantastic Id never thought of that either


Bovada and ignition both have it, if you don’t have an account already please use my referral link lol.


LMAO of course im there

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Is it always 72 hours here? Once I made my first couple requests from bov they send me my withdraw sometimes that same day.

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Bov and ignition have 24-48 hour options here and slotslv are 72

Hi can you message me please

@Mimimiaz12, Apologies for the late post here, but we do see you’ve since spoken to one of the moderators.

they have player transfer here…its the same thing!

The rewards program on cafe casino has gone from horrible to almost non existent…ive deposited nearly 10000 dollars last month and im still waiting for these rewards points that are issued at the discretion of the promotions team…so maybe i get my comps and maybe not…are you kidding me?? The other two sites are much more helpful to customers…the support people on this site act like they could give two shits abou their customers


Hi @Saredsox, welcome to the forum. Thank you for your feedback, it’s really appreciated.

The random reward points drops are at the discretion of the marketing team, but are in addition to all the written promotions onsite such as Loyalty Reward that you earn while playing our games and our weekly deposit bonuses.

We would also recommend taking a look at the bitcoin exclusive program which does have further guaranteed and scheduled promotions.

Please click here for more details on our Self-Lock Crypto Program.

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I’ve never gotten any either! I asked for a free play one time and the live agent said not until you deposit again…if you deposit and lose, come contact us for a free play…so thats what happened and the marketing team denied my request! Terrible!

Yep…and if you deposit a ton of money and lose it all they could care less…for customers that deposit over 25000 dollars per month we should expect ALOT more comps than were getting…its not even close

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Dang $10,000?? I thought I was here a lot lol

There’s a loyalty reward? I don’t think I have ever gotten that before. I used to play at least once a week pretty much until I ran out of money and I’m almost always using the weekly bonuses. I’ve had to ask for perk points or cash back.

Anna was referring to your Perk Points.