Rewards store 2023 opening?

Being that we are in a new year and the rewards store hasn’t been open in 8/9 months…. Is it possibly time to take another look at it?

With fewer promotions/ programs available I think it would be beneficial for both the company and players. It would be quite refreshing to see some change.

What are your thoughts?

Can we at least confer with marketing to see if there are any plans?


Can we at least confer with Marketing?

This isn’t something there are any plans currently for that we’re aware of. We will of course pass along the feedback though.

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Wait, so no one else has any rewards offers to use their points on either? Lol Im not sure why but i thought it was just me. I chalked it up to the ol “case by case basis” excuse i hear all too often from this family of sites. I just assumed i wasnt in the current cool kids club that had offers available to use their points on. Why even call it a store anymore if no one is able to shop at it?

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Nope. Unfortunately this was a “marketing “ decision made for everyone. You are absolutely correct about having a vacant store front. Eventually someone needs to make a decision on it

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