Thursday Mystery multiplier bonus

Hello @moderators

It’s Thursday and again the Thursday Mystery deposit bonus is not available. Can you please get this escalated and available?
Thank you very much.


Hi @kman0207,

This Bonus may be added later on today. If it’s not added by end of day today, we will escalate the matter further.

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Thank you @Lana
Will be on the lookout :slight_smile:
Have a good night.

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Still no mystery bonuses :frowning:

We’ll check in with our promotions team about these offers

Offers should be added

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It’s Thursday :slight_smile: I was wondering what time we can usually expect the Mystery multiplier bonus to appear in our Rewards section. Thank you.

We’ll double check but should be around 5pm

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Hello Mystry Bonus help ive Deposited 3 times this week no Bonus @Michael

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@Michael Mystery bonus ?

The mystery bonus would be listed under available bonuses and have to be claimed at the time of your deposit. We cannot add it afterwards

What about the “ANOTHER LITTLE GIFT” we normally get for the 10% losses for the week? Its normally in my account Tuesday’s or Wednesday but, NEVER have i recieved it on the same day in consecutive weeks, I think thats weird as hell. Yall been in business too long, to be figuring out which day to deposit that bonus on yall advertise with. If yall remember to do it which normally im writing customer service to ask about it. Then they do the whole yada yada on they dont know what promotion that is then i educate them. Its a song and dance that’s frustrating when you have to do it every week. Like telling my kids to close the front door, like i know that they know they have to close the front door, but kids being kids, they’re oblivious in life. What’s yalls excuse, better yet how old are the folks that work there? That’s is a more suitable question. 10 &12?? That’d be my lucky guess

We don’t have details on this promotion as it’s a random gift. Some players can definitely receive it 2 days in a row but obviously as it’s given out by marketing they likely don’t do this very often. It’s not a routine gift and is meant to be a surprise not something expected.

Any bonus available here?

We don’t provide bonuses on the public Forum.