Thursday Mystery multiplier bonus

Hello @moderators

It’s Thursday and again the Thursday Mystery deposit bonus is not available. Can you please get this escalated and available?
Thank you very much.


Hi @kman0207,

This Bonus may be added later on today. If it’s not added by end of day today, we will escalate the matter further.

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Thank you @Lana
Will be on the lookout :slight_smile:
Have a good night.

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Still no mystery bonuses :frowning:

We’ll check in with our promotions team about these offers

Offers should be added

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It’s Thursday :slight_smile: I was wondering what time we can usually expect the Mystery multiplier bonus to appear in our Rewards section. Thank you.

We’ll double check but should be around 5pm

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Hello Mystry Bonus help ive Deposited 3 times this week no Bonus @Michael

@Michael Mystery bonus ?

The mystery bonus would be listed under available bonuses and have to be claimed at the time of your deposit. We cannot add it afterwards