Todays Mystery Bonus

Another question where is today’s mystery bonus?

We’ll take a look for you

Any news on mystery bonus? It’s almost Friday

Hi @Kayto1959,

It seems like the Cafe Casino Perks Mystery Bonus was redeemed on September 30th, 2021 and was then forfeited on the same day.

I believe that bonus was last week

As per the date I can see on your account, it was redeemed yesterday. You should be able to see this info too from your Transactions.

If it was current bonus even if I forfeit it you get to redeem it more than once right?

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Yes, sorry for the confusion. We are still having it checked

Thanks so much!

Just wondering how the mysterious Thursday bonus is now in my account when I was told I used it? I knew I was right and no apologies? Shame on you for accusing a good player to be a liar

Doesn’t do much good now as I spent my money without claiming my bonus

Hi @Kayto1959,

We’re sorry to hear about this misunderstanding, however, the new Bonus that was added on your account was under the name of: Friday Weekend Boost. If you have further questions, please feel free to send us a PM.

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How can I get a mystery bonus

@tengo49 the mystery bonus is the reload bonus that you have available in your account

Why is the Mystery Bonus the LOWEST I have seen? 50% up to $225??? And only redemable 2x? Never seen a Mystery bonus under 100%, and 3x minimum. This is concerning.

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Been playing here for years, over 150 deposits, never once have I seen a mystery bonus this pathetic. 50% up to $225, usable 2x??? Seriously concerned with the financial strength of this Casino when seeing such an extreme change in incentives.

Mystery bonus has at the very least been 105% up to $500, 140% up to $425, etc…and at a minimum 3x, if not 5x.

Why is there a drastic change in deposit bonus structure? Be very wary for the time being, I refuse to use this bonus as it is a red flag.

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Have you had recent withdrawals? Could be the reason why. I wouldn’t bash cafe casino, this is a great platform to play on and their games are super fun. I am disappointed as well because according to them, some recent withdrawals have caused me to not receive the old 200% bonuses I used to receive, but at this point I shall wait till they are offered again so I can enjoy some extra play time. This is a great place to play at

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I swear I never get exception bonuses or no good promo. All I want is some fairness and free slot play!!!

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Welcome to the Community @amy122767

Different Perks/Bonuses may be issued to different accounts at the discretion of our Promotions Team. Please monitor your account from time to time for any new Bonuses they may issue.

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Not a single cash out, I have deposited $64,000 dollars in the last 18 months.

To top it off, this week’s mystery bonus is even lower. 25% down from 40% up to $225. Never seen it below 105%.

I find it almost impossible that this isn’t related to the Crypto crash over the last week. Looks like I’ll never recover a penny of the 64000 I have deposited (not including bonus funds).

Very sad.