Usual Thursday rewards bonus

It hasn’t been issued yet…

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Mine either

Where is Thursday bonus?

Hi everyone,

The Cafe Casino Perks Mystery Bonus is added on your Rewards Page for you to claim.

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Can you see if i have 2 coming thursday

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The Mystery Bonus is in your account. Its the 105% match

I made my deposit for free spins yesterday and no free?

You can use them by going to Caesar’s Empire and the spins are waiting for you

I checked and it is not prompting to claim the way it normally does.

Can you try to log out and then clear your cache and log back in.

Do you also have another device that you can try on?

I tried and still nothing :slightly_frowning_face:

I will send you a PM

@moderators can you pm me? I can’t seem to see how I can send you a private message?

I have sent you a PM

I have never got a thursdsay mystefy bonus for yearz that sucks

I see the mystery bonus is available on your rewards page

is this not coming at all today?

They’re available now. They usually refresh weekly at 5pm ET

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20 % with a 40x rollover wtf why don’t we just call our deposits >donations or change the title of mystery bonus > Cafe Collections !


Seriously, pretty sure cafe is going to be shut down soon