Usual Thursday rewards bonus

I can assure you that no one is being shut down.

That’s all I’ve been getting too… 20-30% and haven’t gotten any point redemption offers since the site had all it’s issues last month… and it really sucks that they removed the 3 200% deposit bonuses from the crypto exclusive rewards.

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Wow I didn’t think you guys like giving a mystery bounes over 30% . Who do have to kill to get that bounes

These are provided by the marketing team and do vary.

You got a bonus? And it was over 30%? :partying_face:

Your marketing team is killing your business

Hello moderators??

Is there something you need help with?

Did you read my messages?

How about starting there?

You guys are driving customers away in record numbers

Yes I did, but you need help with something specific? Or are you just making a statement?

I want to be shown that my business still matters to you people

And my money

Because it sure doesn’t seem like it

Thank you for your feedback, I will be happy to pass it on for you.

So yeah an explanation would be terrific

So that’s how you show appreciation to your customers?

By saying you will passon my comments?

What is it you want an explanation of exactly?