Bovada, Ignition, and Cafe used to provide players almost instant deposit no waiting time even when your bitcoin deposit amount is still has not been transferred to your account yet. Just so you know, a few of the other online casino sites that I know are still providing this service. So what I would do is I would at least play somewhere like that first while I am waiting for my deposit to be transferred to my account on This is not what I used to do when didn’t have to wait a such a long time for my balance to be funded . So miss that and my bigger bonus % (at least 100% more back then) I’ve been playing so many years here on this site and I’ve already surpassed the furthest VIP level . Perhaps it would be nice to provide the immediate deposit feature at least for the VIP members who have great history without causing any troubles you know? don’t we all deserve that if we’ve been good all these time since the day one?


@Trancemon We appreciate all the feedback and respect where you’re coming from on the topic.

Its certainly a topic we can circle back to with updates once we get more information.

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