Week 2 of our Free Contest $25

Hi members,

We’ve got another free contest for you this week. The contest is simple; this week, simply comment on this topic with your favorite travel destination and this will give you an entry into this weeks contest. We will allow entries until 6:00p ET on Friday June 4th in which at that time a random name will be drawn at and win a $25 bonus.

Rules will be as follows:

  1. Only one entry will be accepted per player weekly.
  2. To receive a bonus, winning accounts must have made at least one deposit.
  3. Bonuses will be issued at the time of the draw.

Goodluck and we look forward to hearing from everyone.


My favorite travel destination is Cabo San Lucas…I’m ready to go back to the white sandy beaches, and the free bottle of tequila they gave me when I landed at the airport! :grin:


My favorite travel destination is Las Vegas :slight_smile: I go at least once a year and each time I go, it’s a thrill.


My favorite destination is Austin Texas. They have a great local music scene and during the summer months they host a wide selection of music sponsored events. Alot of fun for the whole family!


Up north Minnesota, on a lake


@taerae43 Sounds like something amazing to bring the family too.

@Iraqvet25 Just to sit by the lake or any in water activities too?

Go fishing, I’m not into going in the water like I used to be, but it’s very relaxing sitting around by a lake

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NYC. A lot of buddies from the Corps live in or near the city.

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And our week 2 winner is @taerae43 . Must be some Texas luck.

Everyone check back next week for another contest


Congrats @taerae43!


Favorite teavel Destination is Maimi Florida for summer June thru July very Nice traveling and greats foods!

My favorite place to travel too would be gatlinburg, Tennessee! Being surrounded by the mountains just feels good. Plus there’s so much to do! I love the outdoors!

Vacation would have to be anywhere theirs a beach, p.c. or if I have a good bankroll it would have to be Miami and. I mean Dade not Broward.

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My favorite vacation place is Las Vegas. I love the light and the night life and everything there!

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My favorite place is Aspen,CO

The food, the culture, the people are absolutely amazing!
Save your pennies and put it on your Bucket List. Trust me.

Cabins in some woods like a get a way.

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Lake Tahoe!!

Down in South Carolina Shooting guns and drinking beers

My favorite travel destination is Doha, Qatar. It’s a beautiful city with sunny weather practically year-round, gorgeous beaches, plenty of luxury hotels and resorts, a wide variety of tourist attractions, and many shopping outlets.