Week 5 of our Free Contest $30

I’m obsessed with Oreos

Hagen Daz Coffee Chip ice cream on tap. Everytime.

I love apple cobbler its so goood!

My favorites snack is a big win smothered in chocolate

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pretzel sticks

Flaming hot Cheetos

Any flavor of icecream.

Skinny French bread loaf cut into 1/4” slices, seasoned and toasted (maybe a light spray of olive oil too), on top, a thin layer of cream cheese, then a toasted seaweed square, next another slightly thicker layer of cream cheese with smoked salmon pressed into it, half turn of the pepper grinder, half turn of salt grinder, top with drizzle of super strong wasabi or horseradish sauce. God that’s so fucking good

Crack bacon or candied yams

Banana split and rocky road ice cream is my fav.

Doritos Cool Ranch flavor :stuck_out_tongue:

Chocolate covered Oreos :yum:

Cheese and pineapple

It’s funny this contest ended like a year ago it somehow it’s fun to just name good snacks. Like we’re ruined at the casino bar just chatting.

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My favorite snack is twizzlers

my favorite snack is kalamata olives. strange but true

My favorite snack is the Hershey’s Reese’s peanut butter spread across chocolate or cinnamon flavored graham crackers with none other than a big glass of milk😋. Rocco636

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Pan dulce with hot Chocolate best snack ever!