Week 6 of our Free Contest $30

@moderators this still going? Lol . Looks like this post is from last July but we got 5 new entrants :laughing:

Is this an active contest?


Here ill be number 6 haha. Dogs all the way :dog2::laughing::crossed_fingers::shamrock:


Who let the dogs out? :face_with_monocle: :metal:


Los perros!!!


Dog person

I am a dog person . They are very loyal and smart

This is Darla my catahoulA pup

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Very much a dog person. U don’t mind cats besides being allergic. Start sneezing and eyes get all itchy. It’s not good lol. A d cats are evil anyways hahaha.

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I am totally a dog person. Dogs are so in tune with us and are loyal to the end. They live to please us and love to see us only happy. Dogs are truly amazing , more amazing than humans I believe :heart: so innocent.

Like them both but get along with dogs better.

Sweet kitties!

I’m more of a cat person but nothings as cute as a Lil white fluffy dog.

Bufffallllllllooooooooooooo always

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It says July 3rd. Doesn’t specify what year the contest ends. lol :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:


Tbh I don’t hate cats … but I will never own one again . Cat pee is the worst and they can be spiteful ! I love dogs

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I love Dogs!

I love animals allot but I like dogs and cats the same when comes to say getting a new pet but currently I have an orange tabby cat named Petrie who I rescued at 3 weeks old his mom abounding the litter then I found out people where bring mean to them so I was gonna shoot the whole litter witch I could no way afford but too leave them there to be mistreated n starved I would have to figure out out but lucky I had told a few friends n they all rescued one so I know they weren’t to Good homes but my Petrie sold my heart he is my best bud he understands me so well blows my mind I bottle fed him for a while I just can’t describe the bond we but animal lives know what I’m talking about thank so much for listening to my story didn’t mean to go on to much

Cats!! I have 3 Oliver Pineapple, Diddle, and Chloe Ann!!

Dog person 100%

Dog person. Pomeranians are the best!

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