Weekly Mystery Bonus

Once a week I get a bonus dropped into my account. It used to be around 250% match up 60x rollover. Last week the match went down and this week it’s %145 match up and still 60x rollover…I just don’t understand Cafe anymore. I rarely play here because of their lack of bonuses. What does it matter to them anyway? I doubt if one person ever pulls more out than they put in so wouldn’t it behoove Cafe to make it lucrative for people to deposit? Slots and Ignition are very generous with bonuses but Bovada and Cafe are not…that’s why Slots and Ignition get most of my money.

The Mystery bonus we offer can change any given week in regards to the percentage.

I understand but they just aren’t comparable to your sister sites.

This week is ridiculous

Ya but they also have started doing little gifts and the extra weekly exclusive bonus (like slots has been doing) . Which seems to have correlated with the timing of when the mystery bonus changed. Slots bonuses , although multiple daily, aren’t that great either . And ignition, while low play through requirements doesn’t give much and there weekly Btc exclusive is only 50% . Cafe gives 350% highest of the four sites. They also sometimes give the free spins deposit bonuses (wish they would do that more) . So really I kind of get it .

Also, withdrawals are now comparable to bovada and ignition timing wise which is much appreciated!!!

Wondering what time today for mystery bonus

Its usually been around 5p recently

Last week was 3pm

Please tell management to think about going back to earlier mystery bonus put on accounts. It’s terrible waiting all day long


Are they still doing Thursday mystery bonus?

The Mystery Bonus for this would should be available now

The mystery bonus has deminished considerably percentagewise. It’s way less then it used to be. Yeah it changes week to week but wayless now. It’s like they thing we’re stupid and don’t realize they are being more and more greedy.

Oh yes it has! They don’t give little bonuses anymore either…I’m sure they hardly make enough money to break even… :roll_eyes: