Where are the big winners?

Serious question, on the sister sites there are constant big winners being posted… can anybody attest to hitting big here? Besides the one post for 4 mill

We’re is the big win at I’m is a big lost right here about 20,000 in three months ago

Where indeed? :thinking:

Here is one of mine

There are more posts similar in this very thread category

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Here are a few more of my recent big wins.


Very cool!

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My post was rejected lol. The big winners arent here. Somebody is winning them, somewhere, on some community board, but not here. I know the location of that community board but I am not allowed to say


I’ve hit a large pot before still withdrawing down from it

What??? What does that mean?

Found them!


congratulations @jewell36

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Oooooh baby!! Nice win yall

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What is a win?
Never see it.