$239,000 win at hot drop games

• How long have you been with us?

Since either end of last year or end of year before that, joined up when I was on a gamble binge between christmas and new years.

• What was your winning game and amount?

Night with Cleo hot drop jackpot, a bit over 239,000. I’ve been playing these quite a bit the past week or two.

I deposited around $100, no deposit bonus or anything (maybe that’s the key.) Won a bit on craps to double it, and hit a $1200 hourly jackpot on the hot drop games after that. Put half of that amount on a craps gamble to win another $400 and some more play at the hot drop games over the last few days put me at $2200 or so.

Winning the smaller jackpot gave me the confidence to try for the bigger one - honestly until I hit the big jackpot I wasn’t sure it even really existed, like maybe the servers were just rolling numbers around and it wasn’t actually possible to win. Hit it on a $20 bet.

• Was this your first big win online?

I’ve had some big wins around 5 years or so ago, but the last year or two of gambling for me had been pretty brutal until this win, 5 figure losses. This win obviously makes up for those losses, but until today I’ve wondered if I was just throwing money away. Had some table game wins during that time but slots never paid anything out.

• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings?

Haven’t completely decided yet, but I’ll probably put some of it into cryptocurrency and maybe spend some of it taking a shot at some more progressives. Maybe there’s some chance I end up blowing a bunch of it on leveraged cryptocurrency trading or something, or maybe i’ll strike it rich. But that’s why I decided to go with the username “parlay.” Already gave a little bit back on table games but not too much compared to the win.

My day to day life won’t change too much but if I don’t manage to do something dumb and blow it, the money should be good for some financial security which might be important with the way the world is right now. I’ll get a few nice dinners to celebrate and maybe pick up a few purchases I’ve been thinking of, but that’s all I have in mind right now.

If anyone knows the best way to actually cash out a win like this, let me know. There’s a 2500 max for withdrawals, so I don’t know if the best choice is to ask support about getting that raised or just alternate between all the different cryptocurrencies or what. If I cash out 2500 every 3 days, by the time I get the money I’ll probably lose 15% to inflation.


Very nice, congrats.

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There is a trick: you can withdraw 10k every 3 days by using all 4 withdrawal options. Withdraw 2.5k BTC, once it’s processed, withdraw 2.5k ETH, and so on.

Feel free to send a tip for that info 🥹

Congrats that’s a huge win! As for withdrawal I would ask support if there is anyway to help withdraw a larger amount considering the amount you won! If you feel like throwing money away I would be forever grateful for any blessing no matter the amount lol! :joy:

Oh and another suggestion I can offer on getting your money withdrawn would be to make a post here on the marketplace section and maybe offer nice discounts for larger purchases like for example say “$2500 transfer for $2000” to a cashapp or venmo etc. Hope that is of help to you!

I tried giving the hosted service who left me a win on my email a call about the cashout limits, they were very nice to speak with but apparently $2500 is the max. You can apparently do the merry go round where you cycle between the different cryptocurrencies though - the 3 day limit is separate for each one - so I guess that’s the main option left with, as well as potentially the marketplace. I’ll have to look into whether that’s something I want to try doing.

Well, so pretty much what I knew already I suppose, I was hoping maybe they would increase the limits for 6 figure wins or progressive jackpots but guess that’s how it is.

Thanks to Seanmac and Andominguez for the advice but to be honest it pretty much matched what I already knew, either way I’ll try sending you $20 each for your efforts. It’s a small token relative to a 200k win, but I hope you’ll have a bit of fun with it - or maybe try winning the next super jackpot.

Thank you so much! Saw it in my account and didn’t know where it came from.

So, I use the Kraken exchange. I don’t have a personal LTC or BCH wallet set up. When I withdraw with those, I send them directly to Kraken. There you can just sell for BTC or USD and withdraw it. You could even do the same with BTC and ETH. Kraken will let you generate multiple addresses for deposit which is necessary for BTC, LTC and BCH I think, but not ETH. I definitely recommend that route or a similar route to withdraw 4 times faster than with just BTC.

Good luck!