777 Jackpot Winner

• What are your initials? LFW

• How long have you been with us? I think it’s been around 2 years or so.

• What was your winning game and amount? 777 and it was for $177,926.93!

• Was this your first big win online? Yes

• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? New truck and put the rest away for my sons college and take my family on vacation somewhere!


Wow congrats how much was ur bet amount? Lmao

I was only betting $5. I can’t believe this actually really happened!


Wow that’s sweet. You literally won 20,000x your bet. Nice. Ya I can only imagine, actually I can’t because I’ve never won that much, but enjoy. :blush:

Damn nice! I chased that for a bit this morning, guess it wasn’t my time. It’s my birthday dang it I want to win too! :partying_face:

Enjoy girl I was happy when I won 200

Wow that’s awesome congratulations I like to see people when even though I’ve never hit big like that myself but I think it’s awesome to see people do that you’re definitely spending the money in the right places as well education for your kid is important and they’ll be happy with the vacation anyway just wanted to say congratulations to you and your family I think that’s amazing you take care