Big winner! thank you thank you

Hello, I just won the Jackpot for Cyberpunk!! I am so happy. I have been a member since probably 2014 or earlier. I AM SO HAPPY I COULD CRY!
I want to note that I had to verify my identity. I just submitted my passport and the facial recognition seemed slow…now it is under review. Is there any way we can speed this up? I have also emailed the host team with my passport as well as another form of ID with my address as I felt that would help speed things up. Can we move along and get this completed. Thank you! I was losing hope in this place but here you go with that win! Thank you Cafe Casino!


Congratulations! We are checking in regards to the withdrawal with our Payments Team. We will keep you updated.

The withdrawal is now completed :slight_smile:


Wowza! Good for you! You give me so much hope!

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This is great to see. Congrats! :slight_smile: Hope one day I can hit a jackpot hehe.


When will my withdrawal go through its been aost 12 hours this is crazy

Yo congrats man

I was tryna get that jackpot too. That was the biggest cyber jackpot Ive seen in years congrats bro. Vacation time!

Awesome :fireworks::sparkler: congrats :sparkles: