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What’s up everyone? How has everyone felt about the promotions as of late.? I have been playing on this site for a couple of years now and I do feel like the promotions are a lot less now then they were. I remember before I could head of customer service and they could give me a bonus funds if I went out and had nothing just to help float me some playing time. Also, what are some games that people really like to play on you? I like to see what people are in two I can’t get enough of Cesar. It’s one of my favorite.


I’m a big fan of diamond dozen.

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I have never tried diamond dozen, but it looks like I’m about to right now lol I’m gonna see how good it does. I mean obviously 7 deluxe, inferno I have won good on. I really like Rise of Poseidon and Crystal Water. Honest I’ve been on other websites, but their games really are from graphics to the play some of my favorites I just wish they had a variation of monopoly or something like that. What’s another game that you really like? I’m about to try some new stuff today. Hopefully I get lucky. Fingers crossed.

Totally agree with the whole lack of bonus thing…. Like they trade our 25 free spins & 15,000 perk points for a chance to spin the wheel which has given me 1x spin literally 5 out of the 7 or 8 times I’ve spun it :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming: Like what the hell is that???!!!


Viking treasures sticky wild bonus is super fun. Takes a little bit to get sometimes, but you can tell if it will. It can be worth it too.

I actually like the Viking game and I saw somebody talk about the scary one that can give you six spins 66 or 666 and tell me why I get the six about three times and then I get the 66 after not playing it that long, I go up about 200 bucks which I should’ve took out because I’ve been losing a lot lately just to get some momentum going and use the money from there to start up again but no I go down with the thought that I will get that bonus again or maybe even get the five for 666, but there is one thing I can say about this game unlike any other is that it doesn’t seem like you can get back to back bonuses. I’m sure you can but literally every time I got it It was absolutely impossible to get it again. I have heard about this wheel but I have been unable to get to it. I don’t see it anywhere in the options.

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So where do I find this wheel because I’ve heard of it
But I have never seen it and there’s nowhere for me to get to it. I have been waiting now. Definitely two days for my spins, and I have not got them on my points and I definitely have never been given the option to spin a wheel although my friend that plays says they have gotten the wheel and that they only got one spin for $.20 which I think is terrible when they already made the bonuses with the worst games possible now and now it’s $.20 I will say they have to make a change this because other people are definitely showing them up

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I can’t even spin the wheel.

Not everyone is eligible for this as of yet.

Try Realms of Riches. I hit 2000 on 1 dollar bet a couple weeks ago on that. During bonus spins each wild expands to fill column. You can actually fill every space with a wild. Makes for huge wins. Thunderbird is another slot like that.

I don’t get the wheel yet either, after reaching out to support 3 different ways, the only thing I’ve been told is to wait- and we’re approaching 2 weeks. As for the game, if it’s the one I’m thinking of, I’ve found if you start with a relatively small bet, then after you hit the bonus, up the bet a little bit, the bonus usually comes up again. And repeat the process. Doesn’t always work though, sometimes you just wasting your money

Don’t waste any time or energy trying to find the wheel because its an absolute joke. I really dont want to call it a scam but what else would you guys think after this crap. Below are screen shots of all my spins since the 19th. No, you’re not seeing things, those are ALL zeros for the entire week. Not a single winning spin. The wheel gave me 3, 1, 5, 5, 5, and 3 spins. WHAT A JOKE. I’m done with this site until changes are made. :v:

Screenshot 2023-02-25 1.33.27 PM

Screenshot 2023-02-25 1.33.50 PM


seriously agree used to love this site but the wheel and the tight ass bonus gig in general ive spent alot here and keep coming back even though i keep telling myself not to, common cafe try to fix this crap i mean COMMON

as far as bonuses go the are horrible here

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