Forfeiting your bonus

If you forfeit a bonus do you lose the bonus funds listed, and retain the locked funds?

That’s correct. If you forfeit the bonus all the bonus funds associated to it will be removed from the account balance and locked funds will be available for withdrawal.

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Define "funds associated with it ". I think that just means that if you’ve already played through your lot funds and then you’re into your bonus funds and then your balance gets up above your initial deposit, or whatever again, then you would be forfeiting everything because it would all be bonus funds until the play through correct? However, if I have not made it through my locked funds and I just show a balance of $100 locked and still $30 in bonus I can forfeit the $30 bonus and still have the hundred dollars locked even if I only deposited $30?

To simply explain if the funds are in withdrawable balance they are not associated to bonus funds. If funds are locked it means that they are linked to the active bonus. Prior to forfeiting the site should give you a message of how much will be deducted from the balance, I believe. If not, you can always check with us or CS team.