Hit CyberPunk Jackpot for $41,000

• What are your initials? MZ

• How long have you been with us? Several years

• What was your winning game and amount? $41,000 on CyberPunk

• Was this your first big win online? No, I’ve hit on Cyperpunk previously for $20K and $40K

• How will you be spoiling yourself with your winnings? A dog


Wow! Congrats! Curious if dont mind sharing what bet amount was?!

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Are you having to withdraw 2500 a day ?

Yes but you can withdraw $2500 from each coin (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, Bitcoin Cash and ETH). So technically you can do $12.5K -every 3 days. If you win big and are a VIP they will try and get you a large lump sum upfront.

Cyberpunk is a random jackpot. I’ve hit it 3 times. Yesterday again for $69K on a my second spin off $2 bet. On the slots like Reels XL you need to bet $50-200 to have a real shot. If you play low dollar you wont get a shot at the big one. If I bet $100/200 a spin and hit the reel spin 9 times out of 10 it lands on the jackpot. Kind sucks unless you hit something b/c you end up winning couple hundred on mini’s when you could make thousand hit just a number. This is my experience anyway… I do play A LOT.