"New Games" Casino Issues

Hi everyone,

We’re currently looking into an issue which is affecting the loading of our “New Games”. Should you experience any difficulties loading other game types, please try to open those games in a new tab:


Well that might explain things… :smirk:

Hi all,

This issue hasn’t been confirmed as fully resolved, we’ve since been able to load quite a few of the games. Once we receive a confirmation of this being fully resolved, we’ll also share the update here.


This is now resolved everyone, our New Games are back to normal. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

What about the funds we put into the non-working games?

While no funds should have been removed from your balance while the games were unavailable, should you have been playing a round on one of our new games while the issue occurred, please provide the game’s details via a personal message to us and we’ll check into this for you.

How am I supposed to remember that?

Upon further review, there was no gameplay activity found on your account during this issue. Can you please provide further details of the funds you’re querying so we may better assist?

Good. I can’t remember 24-48 hours ago, shouldn’t ya’ll be checking everyone’s account?

The games would again become accessible to all persons after the issue was resolved and winnings credited. Frozen bonus rounds on the other hand would be resumed when the game is opened via the accounts online. Thanks so much for sharing your feedback as well.

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