Crypto exclusives benefits

Ever since the website was serviced on the 19th I’ve had issues with my crypto exclusive benefits. I had to request my account be changed into a crypto member account again, but 48 hours later and still nothing has changed. I havent Gotten my free spins or points.


Hi @Jaebae53, you’re in the crypto exclusive program. Last week you received your benefits on January 17th. This week there no qualifying deposits yet.

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I appreciate You getting back to me so quickly, but there is a qualifying deposit that has now been made and i still haven’t received any response or update on when the free spins and points will be posted to my account

Qualifying deposit for crypto benefits is $30. The deposit you made this week is lower than that.

Where’s my free spins with rewards points?

@Raymondgo10 the benefits were received as I can see.

I’m crypto exclusive and never get free spins. I used to get a deposit bonus every week but the same bonus has been in my account for 3 weeks now and I can’t use it! I’m crypto exclusive and they sent me a bonus that CANT be used with crypto! I keep emailing them and they send me back a generic message every time telling me it’s to my advantage to use the bonus and then they give me the instructions. I’m not an idiot. I know how to use the bonuses. This one CANNOT be used. It says to pick a different deposit method. I’ve asked them to remove it and give me a bonus I can use but it’s useless! No one will help. I’ve sent pics with proof.

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Doesn’t matter. They are going to cheat you anyway

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I have had the same issue with that bonus and was told it was my fault because I spent the funds before contacting customer service. It’s not right to continuously leave that bonus available when they are well aware now that it doesn’t work

@Km2424 You are not part of the crypto exclusive program which is why you do not get the rewards.
You can sign up here

i never got my spins and points either for my crypto exclusive deposit

Sign up where? Also I still have the same unusable bonus on my account. Going on close to 4 weeks now… They won’t give me a new one because they think I just haven’t used this one. Well it’s not usable considering my only option of deposit is crypto. So, even though I may not be part of crypto exclusive as you say, that’s literally my only deposit option.

Gambling is gambling. They don’t cheat you. Play responsibly. I’ve won A LOT this past week on their sister sites. I’ve also lost a lot at times. It’s all about playing responsibly. Casinos weren’t created in favor of the gambler.

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@supersport35 you should be getting a Prize wheel to spins, where you can win from 1 to 1000 Free spins once a day.

@Km2424 you can sign up from HERE. I’ve added the same bonus to your account but for Crypto.

Walter can you please add my crypto perks to my account haven’t received them from my last deposit

@Adam82 you need to spin the Prize Wheel where you can get up to 1000 spins once a day.

Can you add it for me please it’s not showing up

@Adam82 You already made the spin today, and received the spins

I have not received my freespins nor my player points for my deposit and being a crypto exclusive member

The timeframe for these is up to 48 hours after deposit.